* Swimming class

Hey..Tiera in da house!! hehe..ctk da x blog saye? baru je buat..THANKS to  KAK IZAN..dia lah yg tlg saye.if not..hitam je la my page huhu.

Actually kan saye baru blk dr swimming class.Tak la baru sgt, dlm sejam td kui2..hmm..my 1st time joining this swiming class..and wOw!! its cOol babe...sumpah seronok. Coach kami pon sporting..dtg2 je nasib baik ade gak budak law yg lain dalam 2 3 org..ade ar kawan kan. tapi budak2 fac lain pon ok je..amiable n friendly..espcialy illa,diana n liyana.fac hotel.

So,lepas briefing sume..warming up then baru tkar baju. Kolam tu panjangnye 15 metre. Kami yg beginner masok area yg x dlm lah ofcourse hak3.Lesson pertama kami is...blowing.senang je..tarik nafas, selam dalam air  then blow ar..tu je kih2. Oh ye, habis turn kitorg turn student lelaki pulak guna pool. Luckily tak campur kan boys & girls..

Next class tak tahu lagi mcmn.so..tu je lah. Saye cume nak gtau yg saye happy dgn class hari ini. Harap no pressure in classes akn dtg...ha ade tadi kan madam pesan..within 2 hour before class no eating-eating ye..nti jd cam last sem punye student muntah lepas swimming..so thats the don't :)

hurm..saya ni tgh LAPAR taw wawaa..mmg kuar je dr air td ase perut ringan giler..i mean kosong bah..kRok3..jadi saye nak keluar ambil nasi yg saye order tadi. Bkn order, mtk tlg org beli..Cik Diet, im sorry mlm ni tepakse..bkn mlm ni, tp stp kali ade swimm class la ea..lapar la lepas berendam dalam air. huhu.so ok la. tulis-tulis lagi next time. bye!...

 hehe..nak blk da ni sempat amek pic..sory la kurang terang di cini ye..;p 


cnOor said...

upah mane?? he..

Tiera said...

hihi nti ea kak izan upah berbentuk service..lap meja kat bilik muahaha

Anonymous said...

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